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Let’s have fun with English.

Wayne Teacher(English teacher / The United Kingdom)

Hello, I am Wayne from the UK. I have been living in Japan and teaching English for the past eight years. I am married and have a nine year old son. My hobbies are mountain climbing and traveling with my family.At Future Jidoen, I enjoy spending my time with children singing songs, playing exciting games and much much more…!Let’s all have fun and enjoy learning English together.

Nel Teacher(English Teacher/USA)

Hello. My name is Nel . I’m from Los Angeles. I’ve been living in Japan for over 20 years. I’ve been teaching children over 10 years. I hope we can enjoy our time together and learn as much as we can! I look forward to seeing you!

Mizuki Teacher/Bilingual Teacher (Japan)

Hello, my name is Mizuki from Shiga. I learned English in the University in Osaka and have been in the TX, USA, as an exchange student. I like to go out to see beautiful things and eat their local foods whilst on holiday. I enjoy snowboarding in winter season. I really enjoy spending time with the Future students every day.  I will do my best to support and improve their English skills.

Kyoko(Naka)Teacher / Bilingual Teacher(Japan)

Hello, my name is Naka, I learned to speak English, when I was a volunteer in NH, USA. My hobby is traveling, I want to go to many places in the world. Especially now, I want to go to watch a lot of stars in the sky. Children always give me great power every day. I’m enjoying being with them.

Yasuko Teacher / Bilingual Teacher(Japan)

Hello, I’m Yasuko.   After studying English in NJ, USA, I have worked at serval foreign companies in Japan and became a preschool teacher. I would like to make this school where children have a lot of fun and become confident, independent and curious learners. Childhood is very short and precious. I’m so grateful to be a part of it. I play alto saxophone and sometimes play at summer festivals and events.

Chisato Teacher / Bilingual Teacher(Japan)

Hi,I am Chisato. I went abroad to La Grange College in Georgia state as an exchange student for one year. My major was English and learned English teaching method. I was working at an International School for three years before I came here.
It is my pleasure to be part of IES FUTURE Jidoen. Let’s have fun together!

Kanako Teacher/Bilingual teacher(Japan)

Hello, My name is Kanako.
I studied International childhood education in college and have been to New Zealand.
My hobby is watching baseball games and listening to music. So I often go to baseball stadiums and concerts.
I hope to enjoy English with kids and give them my love. Thank you.

Yukiko Teacher / Bilingual Teacher(Japan)

Hello, I’m Yukiko from Fukuoka.
I worked in Canada as a teacher for one year, After that I ‘ve taught English in Fukuoka for three years.
Let’s have fun and smile in this school!

Yukie Teacher / Bilingual Assistant(Japan)

Hello, I have been living in Canada for two decades before returning to Japan.
In Canada I studied English as a second language, worked as a travel agent
as well as a medical office assistant, and became a mother of two.
I am happy to share what I have learned in Canada with the students of Future Jidoen
and watch them grow.

Rie Teacher / Manager(Japan)

Hello! I’m Rie.

I worked at an English conversation school before and helped everyone from children to adults learning English.

At Future Jidoen, we want children to have lots fun while enjoying English.

Let’s play together!




7:30-19:00 (Mon-Fri)





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