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Let’s have fun with English.

Adam Teacher(English teacher / The United Kingdom)

Hello, I am Adam, from London. I have been living in Japan and working as an English teacher for almost ten years. I am married and have a two year old son, Aster. In my free-time I enjoy photography and making music. In the holidays I often go camping, a great way to get away from the city and enjoy nature. I am really enjoying teaching children English at FUTURE Jidoen, let’s have fun learning English together!

Wayne Teacher(English teacher / The United Kingdom)

Hello, I am Wayne from the UK. I have been living in Japan and teaching English for the past eight years. I am married and have a nine year old son. My hobbies are mountain climbing and traveling with my family.At Future Jidoen, I enjoy spending my time with children singing songs, playing exciting games and much much more…!Let’s all have fun and enjoy learning English together.

Yuko Teacher / Manager/Bilingual Teacher(Japan)

Hello, Everyone. My name is Yuko. Glad to see you.
I studied Child Care in the U.K.
After studying abroad, I taught English from babies to adults.
I also worked at International preschools. In total I have worked in
English education for nearly 20 years.
Hope to teach and enjoy English with everyone at FUTURE.
Let’s have fun!

Mizuki Teacher/Bilingual Teacher (Japan)

Hello, my name is Mizuki from Shiga. I learned English in the University in Osaka and have been in the TX, USA, as an exchange student. I like to go out to see beautiful things and eat their local foods whilst on holiday. I enjoy snowboarding in winter season. I really enjoy spending time with the Future students every day.  I will do my best to support and improve their English skills.

Kyoko(Naka)Teacher / Bilingual Teacher(Japan)

Hello, my name is Naka, I learned to speak English, when I was a volunteer in NH, USA. My hobby is traveling, I want to go to many places in the world. Especially now, I want to go to watch a lot of stars in the sky. Children always give me great power every day. I’m enjoying being with them.

Yasuko Teacher / Bilingual Teacher(Japan)

Hello, I’m Yasuko.   After studying English in NJ, USA, I have worked at serval foreign companies in Japan and became a preschool teacher. I would like to make this school where children have a lot of fun and become confident, independent and curious learners. Childhood is very short and precious. I’m so grateful to be a part of it. I play alto saxophone and sometimes play at summer festivals and events.

Chisato Teacher / Bilingual Assistant(Japan)

Hi,I am Chisato. I went abroad to La Grange College in Georgia state as an exchange student for one year. My major was English and learned English teaching method. I was working at an International School for three years before I came here.
It is my pleasure to be part of IES FUTURE Jidoen. Let’s have fun together!

Yukiko Teacher / Bilingual Assistant(Japan)

Hello, I’m Yukiko from Fukuoka.
I worked in Canada as a teacher for one year, After that I ‘ve taught English in Fukuoka for three years.
Let’s have fun and smile in this school!




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